LA Blockchain Week ends with highly anticipated yacht party where guests can win prizes in Bitcoin and more!

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Blockchain Beach, the go-to media and events production company in the Los Angeles blockchain community, has been operating since 2013 promoting education and adoption in the heart of Silicon Beach. Blockchain Beach hosts events and workshops, creates content and newsletters, conducts hands-on training for people interested in blockchain technology, offers networking opportunities, news, and media distribution, as well as community building for all of those involved in blockchain technologies.

To wrap up CIS and LA Blockchain week, Blockchain Beach (BB), Monarch Wallet, Casper Labs, and Melrose PR will host its highly attended and most anticipated event, a Yacht Party located in Marina del Rey.

“We welcome all to participate and engage in community events during blockchain week; such as the TGH Hackathon, CIS, Yacht Party, Beginner Events, Golf Tournament and Blockchain Gaming/ Esports Summit by Coinstate (Justin Wu) & Klout (Greg Zinone),” says Austin Davis, aka ‘Godfather’ of Blockchain Beach & Co-founder of

Additionally, President of Monarch Wallet and content creator Crypto Beadles, will be doing a live podcast recording during the party. Guests will hear from Medha Parlikar CEO of CasperLabs and Mark Jeffrey founder of Guardian Circle App.

Medha Parlikar of CasperLabs shared this in support of the community, “We are all part of a movement to create a brighter future. That’s why we are thrilled to sponsor LA Blockchain Week. By bringing builders together to create and share, innovation happens faster for our whole community.”

Guests will get to enjoy four decks devoted to music, courtesy of DJLTC from the Litecoin Foundation, networking, food and drinks all while interacting with amazing crypto projects. Hit show Bitcoin & Friends will also be streaming upon the high seas! Throughout the night there will be various giveaways including a chance to win a Coinmine Bitcoin mining rig and bitcoin hardware wallets from Cold Storage Coins.

Special thank you to our sponsors, Casper Labs, Monarch,, Elastos, Melrose PR, Droid / Silica Nexus, CryptoSipto, Klout, Coinstate, Litecoin Foundation and all the amazing folks who helped!

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About Blockchain Beach
Blockchain Beach has been operating since 2013 in technology education, news, blogging, media and events production. Blockchain Beach hosts events and workshops; creating content and newsletters related to blockchain technology; conducting hands-on training for people interested in blockchain technology; offering networking opportunities; leading team building activities; assisting with application development; providing education in the blockchain space; news and media distribution, social media, and community building for those involved in blockchain technologies.

About Monarch Wallet
Monarch, the decentralized wallet and suite of crypto services, combines all your favorite blockchain services in one place. Monarch developed a patent-pending permission-based smart contract system that pays one wallet address the same amount of cryptocurrency on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or other recurring bases. This smart contract allows any merchant to start accepting recurring payments, and any user to start paying onboarded merchants with the supported cryptocurrencies.

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CasperLabs is the blockchain platform purpose-built to scale sustainable opportunities for everyone, including developers, entrepreneurs, and consumers. Unlike other solutions and platforms, CasperLabs is designed to scale without sacrificing speed, cost, usability, decentralization or security.

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“Elastos has already amassed over 50% of Bitcoin’s hashpower, which is a critical requirement to securely carry out its next phase, where it must oversee the movement of over 30 million USD of its tokens to on-chain governance by 2020. The name of our ecosystem governance and fund is the CyberRepublic, its role is to carry on the development of the Elastos ecosystem and decide the projects and collaborations that will be funded. Through CyberRepublic any team can apply, vote and decide the future of Elastos; as of 2019 the interim council has already funded over half a million USD of projects, events and collaborations.” – Clarence Liu

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